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You enjoy having a healthy mouth and your pet does as well. Be sure that you're properly caring for your pet's teeth and gums so that they can continue to enjoy their favorite foods and lead a happy and pain-free life. If problems do arise, we are here to help. Like human dental care, healthy gums and teeth are important for your pets. Dental disease for a dog or cat can lead to chronic pain, blood-borne infections, or long-term damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, or liver. We focus on dental work for your pet to keep them healthy and happy.

They told me how to administer medications, what to look for, and answered questions with no rush to see other patients. – Craig D.

Your pet's teeth are just like your teeth, and need regular cleaning to keep the bone and gums healthy. Early intervention avoids numerous complications as your pet ages. We use a reversible anesthetic combination to sedate your pet.We used the safest inhalant anesthesia to anesthetize your pet; teeth are ultrasonically scaled, polished, flouride treatment and barrier sealant are applied if any extractions are needed they are done at this time.


Dental cleaning, extraction and oral surgery

Surgery is not always necessary to address tooth problems. Oral medications often help clear up infections and can improve the health of your pet's teeth. After a thorough exam and diagnosis, you can receive the right medication to make your pet feel better right here in the office.

Oral medication

Most pets show signs of periodontal disease before the age of three. With a thorough exam, we can diagnose and treat your pet's oral issues effectively.

Exams, diagnosis, and treatment