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Dogs and cats might be the most popular animals to see the veterinarian, but they're not the only ones. Your exotic pets also need medical care to ensure that they live long and happy lives.

He took the time to answer my questions and showed me how to administer medications to my little furry friend. – Nitin G.

Get specialized care for the treatment of your reptiles and amphibians, including:

• Leopard geckos

• Bearded dragons

• Chameleons

• Iguanas

• Snakes

• Monitor Lizards

• Tortoises

• Turtles

Specialized care for reptiles

With many years of experience, we have cared for and treated a variety of animals. You'll receive professional and expert care for all of your exotic pets. We have the knowledge and skills needed to manage and treat a variety of disease conditions in companion animals.

Treatment for other pets

We treat your exotic pet like you would treat your pet. We give them personalized care and focus on the issue that is bothering them rather than trying to sell services you don't need.

Honest and reliable service


Green iguana