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Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522-2002

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Let us handle all of the wellness needs of your pets. We care about the health and well-being of your pets just as much as you do. Make sure that your pet stays healthy by visiting us for annual exams and staying current with vaccinations.

"I am very grateful that I now know that my dog is in great hands.”

– Nitin G.

If your pet is feeling under the weather or acting a bit strange, do not hesitate to contact us for care. Our staff can help you make your pets comfortable. Doctors will test and diagnose your pet to make sure that it gets the proper treatment to start feeling better soon.

Caring for your sick pet

Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites can cause a number of problems in your dog or cat. Find medications to prevent these parasites from affecting your pet and also get exams and treatment if your pet is already affected.

Flea and tick medications

Making sure your pet has the proper nutrition is the key to living a healthy life. If your pet is overweight, speak with the vet about diet pet foods that will help you keep their weight under control.

Giving your pets the proper nutrition


the best possible care